Vitality Business Life Insurance


Vitality is a distinctive health and life insurance provider in the UK. They pride themselves on their innovative approach and offer a wide and award-winning range of different Vitality business life insurance options. Vitality is committed to a fair approach to claims assessment for each policy they cater for. In 2016 VitalityLife paid 99% of life claims, 93% of serious illness claims and 94% of income protection claims made by its members.

It is also the first insurance company that rewards its customers for living healthily with an innovative rewards scheme.

Vitality Business Life Insurance Options

Taking out a Vitality life policy can offer great peace of mind to individual policyholders, as well as their families and loved ones. There are also options that can help protect businesses.

Business Protection Life Cover and Key Person Cover can also help protect against the loss or long-term absence of key people. This can be particularly important for SMEs, which may be particularly reliant on the expertise of a limited number of key individuals.

Shareholder and Partner Protection can minimise the impact a bereavement can have on a business. It does this by providing a lump sum should one of the partners or major shareholders die or suffer a severe illness. This capital could potentially allow a surviving partner to buy out the necessary shares.

What is the Vitality Optimiser?

The Vitality Optimiser can be used to add Vitality rewards to your VitalityLife plans. Members can take an online Health Review that will help Vitality to set some health goals and suggest programmes and partners that can help to achieve them.

Discounts like  50% off Virgin gym and health club memberships, running shoes and bicycles can help make these goals more affordable and a discounted activity trackers can lead to further rewards. Reward points can be earned in a variety of ways, including a daily step count, partner gym visits and running or cycling with the Moves app. These points can then be saved and redeemed for discounts or rewards from a variety of partners. These partners include Apple and discounted Apple Watches, Starbucks for free drinks and Vue/Cineworld for half price cinema tickets.

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Vitality Business Life Insurance
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Vitality Business Life Insurance
Vitality is a distinctive health and life insurance provider and offers award-winning range of different Vitality business life insurance options.
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