Top Ways To Motivate Your Employees

Motivate Your Employees

As a business owner or manager, it can sometimes be tough to motivate your employees and ensure your staff are as invested in your company as they can possibly be. They may not own a stake in the business, but they are essential to its success. Therefore, keeping them focused and motivated in their role can be crucial to business success. In order to maintain a productive workforce, motivation can be the key. That’s why it’s important to have methods in place to increase motivation.

Here are some of the best ways you can motivate your employees to achieve greatness:

1. Listen!

First and foremost, a good employer-employee relationship depends on communication. You need to ensure your employees feel comfortable talking to you and sharing their thoughts about the business and their role. This includes any problems outside of this that might be affecting them. If you truly listen to what they have to say and give honest, useful responses, they will feel valued by you. When an employee feels valued, they are more motivated to work hard. This is because they feel that they contribute to the business. Being able to speak to managers and feel listened to is important.

2. Empower Them

Similarly, entrusting your employees with important tasks and decisions can help to motivate employees. This is because with responsibility comes development and the feeling of worth. When you empower employees and bring them up, they will be more likely excel in their work. Trust, growth and development can all contribute greatly to employee motivation.

3. Free fruit and snacks

Motivation isn’t just about caring for your employees’ mental wellbeing, it also involves their physical health. By providing fruit and other (mostly) healthy snacks, you can show that you care and that you’re happy to provide nourishment for their hard work. Gym membership discounts and free yoga classes are other ways you can promote their health, and at the same time increase their motivation and productivity.

4. Relevant Life Policy

One of the most attractive employee benefits for many is a Relevant Life Policy. This form of life insurance is an excellent way for SMEs to attract and retain high calibre candidates. It offers cover for the employee in the case of their death in service. A lump sump will usually be paid out to the person’s family in the case of their death or a terminal illness diagnosis. This can help put employees’ minds at rest that, if the worst should happen, their family is cared for. what’s more, this type of policy is tax-efficient for businesses. It can be offset against corporation tax as a business expense.

5. Have Company Days Out

Something as simple as a company or team day out every three to six months can be a fantastic motivator. It gives employees something to look forward to, an opportunity to build better relationships with colleagues and a chance to let their hair down. In addition to this, it can help to encourage teamwork and develop skills outside of the office.

6. Make It Casual

If your business is in a young, fun industry or an industry that doesn’t require much face-to-face contact with customers, why not have a casual dress code? Research shows that 60% of managers think casual dress boosts productivity. If you feel it’s not appropriate all the time, you could have dress-down Fridays. Being able to dress as they like at least once a week is sure to make your employees feel more comfortable in their working environment. Not everyone has the dress-smart, work-smart attitude, so adapt to what you think is best.

7. Do Unto Others…

Lastly, an extremely powerful way to motivate your employees is to treat them as you would like to be treated. This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many business owners and managers forget this. How can you expect your workers to feel motivated and happy in their roles if they’re not being treated well? Make sure they’re fairly compensated, rewarded for outstanding work, have a clear purpose, have a good work-life balance and are able to communicate with all members of the company easily.

By combining these business motivation tips, you can help nurture strong, long-lasting relationships with your employees, boosting their desire to stay with your company and excel in everything they do there.

Top Ways To Motivate Your Employees
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Top Ways To Motivate Your Employees
Top ways to motivate your employees - here are some of the best ways you can motivate your employees to achieve greatness.
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