How to stay motivated through the holidays

The run-up to Christmas can often be stressful, especially when you’re still working. With increased commitments to visit friends and family, year-end, and organising Christmas festivities, things can get a little hectic. Despite this, the days in the office can go a little slow when you’re watching the clock waiting for Christmas to arrive. Especially, when you’re working right up to Christmas Eve. It can be particularly miserable when everyone else is out there having fun. Here’s how to stay motivated through the holidays at work, stay positive and maintain high productivity.

7 ways to stay motivated, productive and busy

Sometimes using a quieter time in the office can actually help you get caught up on important tasks. If you continue to bring in new business, produce quality ideas and stay motivated supervisors and managers can notice. It can also make you feel better with tasks ticked off for a fresh start into the New Year.

Have an end of year celebration

Giving your employees an opportunity to get together can give them something to look forward to. In particular, it can be a great opportunity to say thank you for the work they’ve done. Equally, if employees don’t want to attend don’t force them too, especially if it’s out of working hours. However, a little get together and showing appreciation can help to boost a bit of morale until their official Christmas begins.

Organise a secret Santa

Buying everyone in the office a present can be expensive, but organising a secret Santa can be a fun way to get employees to bond. Organising a time to open them can give them a little pick me up on the run-up to the holidays. Setting a fair budget can help those who are on tighter budgets over Christmas and give people the option to opt out if that they don’t want to be put in that position. Most people love a secret Santa and can be a good afternoon activity to heighten the mood.

Take a day off

If you’ve got a little holiday left, it can be a great time to take a day off and get your holiday shopping done or enjoy a day with your loved ones. It can help free up other time outside of work and avoid the chaotic Christmas rush at the shopping centre. If you know you’ve got things ticked off your list, you can focus a little better on work and it can help to get a mini recharge to keep you going until Christmas day. Read our blog on ‘how to de-stress over the holiday season‘ for more tips of staying relaxed.

Create a to-do list

Prioritising your tasks and making a to-list up to you’ve got time off can be a great way to keep you busy and to help stay motivated through the holidays. Getting tasks out of your head and onto physical paper can help keep you concentrated on each priority at a time and as you tick each one off, it can be a great morale booster. Plus, you’ll feel a little more refreshed moving into the new year when you’ve achieved so much beforehand.

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt

At this time of year, everyone is busy and thinking about everything that is going on in addition to work. Some people have a difficult time throughout the holidays and money other pressures can cause additional stress. If people aren’t in the holiday spirit, don’t get offended or let it affect your morale. Instead, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and staying positive can not only help keep you motivated through the holidays but might help them too.

Keep the office warm and cosy

Let’s face it, this past week it has been COLD! And it doesn’t look like that’s going to be changing anytime soon. With snow blowing across the UK and wet and icy conditions facing the roads it can add extra stress and time to travelling. What’s more, if you can’t park closely, get the bus or walk to work you can get into work freezing and a little wet and miserable. Having a warm and cosy office can help people get through the winter days a little easier.

Be good to yourself

Christmas is a time for treats and festivities. Over-committing yourself or being hard on yourself can bring your motivation levels down. Whilst it can be a little stressful, remember to take a moment to celebrate your awesomeness and the things you’ve managed to achieve this year. That way when Christmas comes around, you can really switch off and relax knowing that you’ve got a great start to the New Year.

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