New Year’s Resolutions for Professionals

Making New Year’s Resolutions normally means setting unachievable goals that often get neglected by the time February comes. Lack of money after Christmas makes it harder to join a gym or attend that class you wanted to try. The continued cold weather makes motivation a little tricky when you just want to snuggle up warm.

10 New Year’s Resolutions ideas.

Here are some easier, more achievable New Year’s Resolutions for professionals we thought we’d share for. They are more manageable and don’t result in drastically changing your life, but can help to have a better 2018.

1. Have a switch off zone

We’re constantly looking at screens without taking a second to engage in the world around us. Our bodies are trained to respond to light and dark. Which aids our circadian rhythms, apparently. The light and dark help our bodies to regulate through time, meaning we have a better nights sleep and feel more refreshed for the morning. Screen lights, however, keep us awake for longer. Taking devices in bed can mean uninterrupted sleep for our bodies. Instead, try to go old school and get yourself an alarm clock or clock radio. It can be a little tough to stop the Netflix habit before bed but if you find it really difficult try adjusting the lighting on your phone or screen. Or, pick that book up you’ve been wanted to read for ages.

2. Start writing a journal

With increased levels of stress over the years due to longer working hours, having something to relax you can work wonders. Apparently, we’re the worst in Europe when it comes to our working hours. Top that up with higher inflation rates, job insecurity, money troubles, relationship failures, night shifts, time pressure, illness or whatever you might be going through, this can all add to our stress. It has been said that writing a journal can help get all the chaotic thoughts out of your head. As well as helping with that switch off zone! You can use it as a positive journal to write down all the things you appreciate. Or, write down what stressed you out and throw it away once it’s written down so you can start afresh tomorrow.

3. Improve your skills

Continuously learning helps us to develop and grow in those areas, which can only be a positive. If you’d like to do something within your work skill set, as your employer if you can do a course. Alternatively, you can find something that you’ve always wanted to do. Learning a new skill can really help to feel a sense of achievement and purpose. As well as this, it can help get you ahead if you’re doing something in your field of work. Who knows? It could result in that one idea that gets you a promotion!

4. Take breaks

We all know that we’re supposed to be taking breaks during the day, but research suggests that we don’t always take them. Whether it’s guilt that causes you to stop taking a break or an overbearing workload, you’ll be better off if you do. If you actually take a break, it can be invaluable in ensuring that you’re more productive. So stop feeling so bad! It has been said that the top 10% most productive employees take 17-minute breaks. So, make a cup of tea, have a small walk around the office. Step away from what you’re doing. It’ll help you be more productive in the long run.

5. Take your holiday

Do you feel guilty about taking time off work? Good managers should encourage you to have time off work and completely switch off. No calls, no emails. Completely have a break can really help to feel revitalised when you come back. As we’ve just said about breaks, taking time off actually makes us more productive. Paid time off is mandatory in Brazil and Sweden. So perhaps, we should follow their lead. Spending less time at your desk forces you to waste less time. Figure out when you’ll be busiest, and when you’ll have more time to get ahead (they make pretty good pre-vacation weeks). Increase output before you go and get someone to cover important tasks so you don’t come back to a mountain of work.

6. Move forward

If you put in the work now, you’ll reap the benefits later on in life. Whatever it is you want to accomplish start now and you’ll feel like you’ve moved forward this year. If you find yourself unhappy try something new. Take on an extra responsibility at work or learn a new skill. Planning is fundamental. If you’re happy in your career, try something to aim for in your personal life. It doesn’t have to be huge, just a small step forward that you know you are capable of doing. You’ll have a great sense of achievement if you manage to accomplish it before the end of the year.

7. Get that life insurance policy

It might not seem like you need life insurance just yet, or it’s sitting on your to-do list. But the younger you are the cheaper it is, and another year means another year older, unfortunately. Having a life insurance policy can not only help cover mortgages and other debts, it can also protect your family’s future. Having life insurance is a smart financial plan that will benefit your loved ones when you are no longer around. Tick it off your New Year’s Resolution list this year, and it’s job done.

8. Step out of your comfort zone

Go to that networking event, push yourself that little bit further, speak your mind, find that personal courage to achieve things more. Stop hiding in the corner and step out of your comfort zone. You might find that it actually pays off a little bit.

9. Find time for a spring clean.

Once a year, it’s really important to get organised. It makes you feel good. Clearing out all the clutter. Give it away to charity for an extra boost. Even if it’s a mess the next day, you’ll feel a big weight off your shoulders.

10. Do something just for you.

Set time for yourself to relax, exercise, cook, eat ice cream, write that journal! Whatever it is, make sure you take time out this year just for you. If any New Year’s Resolutions should be set, they should be something you really want to do. Make sure there’s time in there that’s set aside for you to take a minute and enjoy the year you’re having.

Don’t make your New Year’s Resolutions list hard to achieve, small but long term changes will make the biggest difference in your life.

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