How To Keep Your Employees Happy

Savvy employers know that while money always matters, paying a competitive salary is only one way to keep employees happy and retain their loyalty and commitment to the business. So, if it’s not all about the money, what else can you do to keep your employees happy? Here are five ways to ensure company motivation stays at an optimum level.

1. Nurture a feeling of ownership

It’s important that employees believe that what they do really matters. As an employer, one of your jobs is to make sure staff fully understand their roles and how their effort affects the customer experience. When staff understand how integral their contribution is to the success of the enterprise, they’re more likely to develop a healthy sense of ownership for their role in the team. This can inspire them to give their best, something we all like to do for the recognition this brings, and because it makes us happy!

2. Keep employees informed

No one likes to be kept in the dark so make sure you keep your employees informed at all times, not only about their own job or department but about everything else that is going on in the company. This includes any challenges the business is facing or is likely to face in the near future, and any new products or services that are in the pipeline. Sharing the bigger picture is a great way to keep employee motivation high and strengthens the feeling they are part of the story.

3. Recognise their achievements

Don’t be slow to recognise an employee’s efforts or achievements. Even the most modest and self-effacing individual responds to praise, as long as it’s sincere and they believe it’s deserved. You don’t have to lay it on too thick, as even a few words of recognition can be enough, whether it’s on a one-to-one basis or shared with the rest of the team at the morning meeting. Staff are usually happy just to see their efforts are acknowledged instead of simply taken for granted.

4. Perks do matter

If you’re going to offer employees perks, make sure they’re worth having. A good espresso machine is fine, but flexibility in allowing staff to achieve a better work-life balance through remote working, for instance, is likely to be valued more. Gym membership can be an excellent perk, but a solid company pension and life insurance policy shows a real commitment to your staff going forward and will give them a greater sense of security, not just for themselves but for any dependents they have as well. By offering Relevant Life policies to your team will help to retain staff and both the business and employees will save on tax. Find out more and get a free quote!

5. Give them flowers

Seriously, a bunch of fresh flowers may not be the first thing that springs to mind as a business motivation tool, but it’s amazing how something this simple can transform the atmosphere in the office. The point is, by adding flowers, some artwork, or a new coat of paint, you can make everyone feel happier about being in the workplace. And remember, you don’t have to come up with all the ideas yourself – ask your employees for their suggestions!