How to eat healthy for lunch and save money

Great ways to eat healthy for lunch and save money too!

We all wish we could save money and still be able to eat healthy for lunch. However, when working full-time, convenience can often get in the way and end up costing a lot more money. Heading to the nearest shop, café or the office canteen is a sure-fire way of getting a quick and easy lunch. However, over time, workers can spend hundreds of pounds a year on their lunch bill! Ouch.

So, how can we save money and eat healthy for lunch at the same time? Here are some tips we’ve put together that might help stay on track.

Get meal prepping.

Getting up in the morning to head for work can be tough as it is, let alone having time to prepare and pack so you can eat healthy for lunch. Meal prepping can be a great way to pack your healthy lunches for the week at a time that suits you best. We recommend using a Sunday afternoon or evening to prep your meals, you can cook a big batch and pack each meal and then freeze them or refrigerate them so all you need to do is grab it and go in the mornings.

Swap the bread.

If you’re tired of making and eating the same sandwiches every day, or you think you might be a little gluten or wheat intolerant, you can swap out the bread and make something more interesting instead. Try a healthy pasta salad, taco, wrap or burrito. Mixing up your lunches a bit more can make them more appealing when bringing in your own lunch and can avoid leaving your lunch in the fridge and popping out to get something more appealing.

Section out your lunch.

Take a leaf out of the bento box books and section up your lunch. Traditionally, bento boxes are used in Japan for a single-portion take out or home prepared meal holding rice or noodles, fish or meat and some cooked vegetables in a box. The idea has spread over the world and people now make their own versions with their healthy alternatives. The idea is that each section covers the essential foods you need to keep you running throughout the day such as carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and minerals. By packing your lunch in sections, you can make sure you’ve covered all bases to keep you healthy and efficient throughout the day.

Stick to a budget.

If you’re doing your meal prepping at the weekend, you will more than likely be doing your shopping at the weekend too. Write a list and plan out each of your lunches within a budget you’ve chosen. Sticking to the list can stop you going off track in the supermarket and you can keep to a set budget so you don’t overspend on your healthy lunches for the week.

Make extra for dinner.

If you’re cooking for dinner, then chances are you don’t want to do it again to make your lunch. Cook extra portions for dinner so you have some spare and pack them up straight away in a lunch box. That way, you don’t have to do any extra work and you’ve got some yummy lunches to look forward to that week with no extra effort.

Get creative with desserts

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, eating healthy for lunch won’t necessarily curb any cravings you might be having. Getting creative with your desserts is a great way to stay healthy, yet add a little sweet touch too. Yoghurt and fruit make a great combination and you can add a little granola for some yummy crunch. Are you a chocoholic? Chocolate dipped orange slices or apple is a great way to satisfy your chocolate cravings whilst getting extra vitamins and one of your 5 a day!

Ditch the latte.

Whilst you’re attempting to save money on your lunch, you might still be spending extra cash on your daily coffee too. Invest in a thermos flask and make your morning coffee yourself or at work if you’ve got a kettle. You don’t have to spend ages waiting in a queue, you can save money and add your own milk or soy to your own taste. It’s great for both the waistline and the wallet!

Don’t skip breakfast.

Now, we’ve all heard this one before and yet it can still be easy to leave the house without a morning kick start to your metabolism. Have breakfast at home or when you arrive at the office for a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t fancy food in the morning, it doesn’t have to be a massive portion. Try a healthy home-made smoothie or banana which are quick, easy and healthy. Eating breakfast can help speed up your metabolism for the day and you’re less likely to start heading to the vending machine or eating too much at lunch.

Bring healthy snacks.

If you get hungry between meals or work better off 5-7 small meals a day, pre-pack some healthy snacks to keep at your desk. Nuts, berries, veg sticks, fruit or a healthy snack bar can help to keep the hunger pangs and cravings at bay and can prevent overeating at lunchtime.

Take your lunch break.

Finally, don’t eat and work at the same time. It’s important to set some time aside to eat your lunch to avoid overeating and get the break you deserve. Set your work aside, let your colleagues know so they don’t interrupt and focus on your meal. If you can, take lunch outside and enjoy some fresh air. You’ll enjoy your lunch a lot more and can clear your mind so you feel more refreshed when returning to your desk.

By making some small changes to your weekly routine you can eat healthy for lunch as well as save the pennies creating an overall healthy lifestyle that we at Business Cover Expert promote. Not only does being healthy have a massive impact on your life, it can also help you to save money on life insurance policies both personally and for your business. For a free quote on business life insurance, contact us today.