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Employee Significant Illness Cover with Relevant Life

Relevant life Insurance with employee significant illness cover Aviva first launched a relevant life insurance and critical illness cover product in 2016 for customers. Their aim was to provide tax-efficient life cover with critical illness cover that enabled business employees and directors to save money. However, due to confusion around the tax and legal implications, […]

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Millennials – do you need life insurance?

It can be hard to decide when the right time to get life insurance is, especially when you’re still young. There are a few articles flying around suggesting that millennials are avoiding life insurance. Is it because they aren’t buying into the idea? Or is it simply because they don’t need it? The truth is, […]

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Vitality Life Insurance with an Amazon Echo Dot

Receive an Amazon Echo Dot when you Join Vitality before 30th June Vitality is offering all new members a free Amazon Echo Dot when they take out a Vitality Health Plan or Vitality Life Insurance. If you want the chance to get one of the best smart speakers on the market, you can get one […]

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How genetic testing may affect your life insurance

Traditionally, insurance companies would use your medical and family medical history to determine the level of risk you pose to obtain a life insurance policy. With the introduction of genetic testing, it has put into question how providers will use this information. Whether it will be for the benefit of the customer or if it […]

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Aviva Relevant Life and Critical Illness Policy

Relevant Life Cover with Significant Illness Cover for Employees In the past, relevant life policies only included a death benefit and terminal illness. Aviva brought about a considerable market change with the launch of a relevant life and critical illness policy. This caused disruption amongst insurance providers and many discussions regarding its legitimacy. Regardless, Aviva’s […]

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The impact of technology on healthcare

Technology plays a massive part in our everyday lives. It is constantly evolving and introducing new developments into the world. This affects the way that we communicate, shop, travel and work, transforming the way that we interact and behave. With technology revolutions in transport, security, banking and healthcare, we all rely on technology in some […]

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Business Water Deregulation: The Facts

Now that business water deregulation has come into force, the regional monopolies will come to an end. The prospect of an open market has prompted countless directors and executives to say: “Tell me how water deregulation would affect my business.” So here are the facts about water deregulation: What does business water deregulation mean? All […]

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Water Deregulation: Top 5 Benefits For Businesses

From next April, there will be non-domestic water deregulation in England. All firms, no matter what their usage, will be able to choose who bills them for company water and sewage services. As the infrastructure won’t change, when the news was announced you probably asked advisers “do you know how water deregulation will affect my […]

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Water Deregulation: What Will It Mean For Your Business?

English businesses will soon be able to select a company water supplier in much the same way they choose a gas or electricity provider. The pending water deregulation means people up and down the country are saying: “I want to know how water deregulation will affect my business.” So here’s a guide that will hopefully […]

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