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The impact of technology on healthcare

Technology plays a massive part in our everyday lives. It is constantly evolving and introducing new developments into the world. This affects the way that we communicate, shop, travel and work, transforming the way that we interact and behave. With technology revolutions in transport, security, banking and healthcare, we all rely on technology in some […]

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How to deal with workplace stress 

Dealing with stress in the workplace Dealing with stress in the workplace can often be a difficult subject to address. Often managers can be unaware of the issue or be aware and not know how to deal with it. If they don’t know the best way to deal with workplace stress, it can cause lasting […]

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How to eat healthy for lunch and save money

Great ways to eat healthy for lunch and save money too! We all wish we could save money and still be able to eat healthy for lunch. However, when working full-time, convenience can often get in the way and end up costing a lot more money. Heading to the nearest shop, café or the office […]

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