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Can I get Business Life Insurance if I Smoke or Vape?

Many smokers are worried that they won’t be able to get Key Man Cover or Relevant Life Cover for themselves or their businesses. Any insurance cover that pays out in the event of a critical illness or death will always ask you to confirm your smoking status when taking out a policy – this is […]

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What is a cross option agreement and does my business need one?

When business owners enter into a company protection policy such as a shareholder or partnership protection policy, a cross option agreement can come into play. Also known as a double option agreement (or single option agreement in the case of critical illness cover) this type of agreement can help guarantee the transaction between the life […]

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Shareholder Protection: How to protect your business when losing a shareholder

When you’re a shareholder, you’ll want to protect your business against unexpected events to keep it running successfully. Most shareholders will put agreements in place to set out basic rules when they set up or join the business. This agreement covers lots of key issues to help protect the business and each individual shareholder. The […]

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What is the difference between Shareholder Protection and Partnership Protection?

If you run a company, you may have heard of shareholder or partnership protection. They are, in fact, the same thing – an invaluable kind of business life insurance that offers your business protection in times of uncertainty. The main difference being that one is for a partnership and the other for a company with […]

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