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No ‘Fuss’ Life Cover For Those With Diabetes

With any pre-existing condition such as diabetes, it can prove difficult to get life cover without obtaining GP reports or going through medical screening. Only then after waiting for a decision on whether your policy will be accepted will you know if you are covered (and this can be a lengthy process). However, one insurer […]

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Can I get Business Life Insurance if I Smoke or Vape?

Many smokers are worried that they won’t be able to get Key Man Cover or Relevant Life Cover for themselves or their businesses. One of the most commonly asked questions is “can I still get Business Life Insurance / Relevant Life Cover / Key Man Insurance / Directors Life Insurance etc if I smoke”? The […]

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Life insurance for contractors

Working as a contractor, it can be difficult to obtain life insurance without paying out of your own pocket. However, life insurance for contractors is a necessary replacement for a death in service benefit you’d get through a company. If you work as a contractor, life insurance can be essential to help protect your family […]

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Save tax with a relevant life policy

Relevant Life policy tax treatment Relevant life policy tax is a much-discussed topic in the insurance industry. Particularly, because it can help businesses save money on their life insurance. If you’re still unclear about how it works or whether a relevant life policy is right for you, then this overview may help to make things […]

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Employee Significant Illness Cover with Relevant Life

Relevant life Insurance with employee significant illness cover Aviva first launched a relevant life insurance and critical illness cover product in 2016 for customers. Their aim was to provide tax-efficient life cover with critical illness cover that enabled business employees and directors to save money. However, due to confusion around the tax and legal implications, […]

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Aviva Relevant Life Plans and Critical Illness Policy

Relevant Life Cover with Significant Illness Cover for Employees In the past, relevant life policies only included a death benefit and terminal illness. Aviva brought about a considerable market change with the launch of relevant life plans with critical illness. This caused disruption amongst insurance providers and many discussions regarding its legitimacy. Regardless, Aviva’s relevant […]

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The Secret to Tax Efficient Life Insurance for Business

Many employers offer employees life insurance as part of a competitive benefits package. If you don’t have a group life insurance policy it means a separate life insurance policy for each employee. This means that each policy is subject to income tax, corporation tax and national insurance contributions (NIC).  With Relevant life insurance, you can […]

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Save Tax And Protect Employees With Relevant Life Cover

Did you know there is a kind of life insurance out there that could save you and your company a significant amount of business tax and protect your employees? It’s called Relevant Life Cover, and many people are unaware of how it works and are currently missing out on the benefits it provides. What is […]

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