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Aegon Business Life Insurance

About Aegon Aegon is an international business life insurance provider, that has been running since 1831. With over 30 million customers in over 20 countries, Aegon sets itself up as a global savings and investment provider. Aegon Business Life Insurance is one of the most comprehensive product ranges around in the UK. Aegon was founded […]

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Life Insurance Jargon Explained

Insurance Jargon Buster by Business Cover Expert Are you getting confused with certain terms when talking about your business life insurance? At Business Cover Expert, we help to explain insurance jargon and common insurance terms so that you can find the right sort of cover for you. Check out our glossary below and brush up […]

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Business Life Insurance – FAQs

What services do you offer? We help owners, directors, partners, shareholders and senior executives find the right business life insurance for them. Whether you’re looking for Key Man Insurance, Relevant Life Policy, Shareholder or Partnership Protection, we’ll take into account your needs and find the best product that suits you. What kind of cover do […]

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Vitality Business Life Insurance

  Vitality is a distinctive health and life insurance provider in the UK. They pride themselves on their innovative approach and offer a wide and award-winning range of different Vitality business life insurance options. Vitality is committed to a fair approach to claims assessment for each policy they cater for. In 2016 VitalityLife paid 99% […]

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The Benefits of having Key Person Insurance

Successful businesses are a product of their people. From directors to salespeople, a business thrives or declines based on the quality of its staff. But what happens if you find your perfect employee and they are suddenly unable to work? Your entire business can be at risk. Stats show that 40% of businesses would fail […]

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What are the benefits of business life insurance?

According to recent research from Legal and General, 40% of businesses would cease trading in under a year if a key person or owner died or became critically ill, highlighting the need for companies to seek for business life insurance for such scenarios. Business Life Insurance When looking to the future, succession planning can benefit […]

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What is the difference between Shareholder Protection and Partnership Protection?

If you run a company, you may have heard of shareholder or partnership protection. They are, in fact, the same thing – an invaluable kind of business life insurance that offers your business protection in times of uncertainty. The main difference being that one is for a partnership and the other for a company with […]

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Save Tax And Protect Employees With Relevant Life Cover

Did you know there is a kind of life insurance out there that could save you and your company a significant amount of business tax? It’s called Relevant Life Cover, and many people, unaware of how it works, are currently missing out on the benefits it provides. To ensure you’re not missing out, read on! […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To A Key Man Insurance Policy

Key Man Insurance Most aspects of life can be unpredictable, and unfortunately, the world of work is no exception. That’s why companies need a business contingency plan. One that has carefully planned procedures to help mitigate the negative consequences of unavoidable events that will threaten normal operations. A Key man insurance policy should be part of your contingency […]

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