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Can I get Business Life Insurance if I Smoke or Vape?

Many smokers are worried that they won’t be able to get Key Man Cover or Relevant Life Cover for themselves or their businesses. One of the most commonly asked questions is “can I still get Business Life Insurance / Relevant Life Cover / Key Man Insurance / Directors Life Insurance etc if I smoke”? The […]

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What is key employee insurance?

Key employee insurance is a life insurance policy suitable for all sizes of business including sole traders. It ensures that any key members of the team that are crucial to the success of the business have life insurance. Unlike a personal life insurance policy, key employee insurance pays the money back into the business to […]

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Key Man Insurance Tax Treatment

The tax treatment of a key man policy is often a concern for a lot of our customers. The main question; is key man insurance tax efficient? Well, it can be – to put a long story short. However, if you’re not taking out the policy for the benefit of the business, then it is […]

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Don’t get a fright! Protect your business with key man cover

It’s that time of year where the ghosts, ghouls and zombies come out but that’s enough scare for us! At Business Cover Expert, we help customers get the right business life insurance policy to suit them and protect their business. This is so that they don’t get a fright when something unexpected happens like losing […]

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The Benefits of having Key Person Insurance

Successful businesses are a product of their people. From directors to salespeople, a business thrives or declines based on the quality of its staff. But what happens if you find your perfect employee and they are suddenly unable to work? Your entire business can be at risk. Stats show that 40% of businesses would fail […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To A Key Man Insurance Policy

Key Man Insurance Most aspects of life can be unpredictable, and unfortunately, the world of work is no exception. That’s why companies need a business contingency plan. One that has carefully planned procedures to help mitigate the negative consequences of unavoidable events that will threaten normal operations. A Key man insurance policy should be part of your contingency […]

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