Aegon Business Life Insurance

About Aegon

Aegon is an international business life insurance provider, that has been running since 1831. With over 30 million customers in over 20 countries, Aegon sets itself up as a global savings and investment provider. Aegon Business Life Insurance is one of the most comprehensive product ranges around in the UK.

Aegon was founded in 1831 as Scottish Equitable and became part of Aegon in 1994. As a result, Aegon now has over 2 million customers in the UK alone. Managing over £607 billion assets on behalf of savers and investors worldwide, their mission is to “help the UK achieve a lifetime of financial security”

Aegon Business Life Insurance options

Aegon offers key employee life insurance for important personnel and directors and owners insurance. They have one of the most comprehensive business protection product menus in the UK. In addition to this, they offer flexible options for each specific type of person and individual.

Their range of protection includes life protection, critical illness protection, key person income and executive income protection. Not only do they offer combined critical illness and life protection they also provide reducing life and permanent disability options for customers too.

Relevant Life Insurance

Aegon is a leading provider of relevant life insurance which is available to provide ‘death-in-service’ benefits for individual employees. They help smaller businesses to attract and retain staff with their employee protection policies. Relevant Life Cover is an attractive tax-efficient policy provided by Aegon and tailored to your business.

Dedicated underwriting team

Aegon has specialist underwriting experts to individually write each policy. Not only that, but they have assured deals with larger cases of over £1.5 million life protection. To follow this, they have also assured deals of £750,000 critical illness protection. Their protection covers both business continuity and succession planning for partners or shareholders, offering both ‘own life’ and ‘life of another’ policies.

Why choose Aegon?

Aegon helps businesses to protect their clients, their families and their lifestyle internationally. Their experience and knowledge of business protection means they have the experience and products to meet their client’s needs. Their customer centric underwriting approach means they were able to offer terms to 97% of applicants in 2016. Not only that, but they’ve been awarded gold service rating by Defaqto in 2017 and were named Best Service provider at the COVER excellence awards.

To find out more about Aegon Business Life Insurance, Key Employee Insurance or director and owner insurance options, contact us today.

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