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5 Top Tips to Avoid Employee Absenteeism

It’s no secret that employee absenteeism can hurt a business. The cost of wages, temporary replacements, HR and admin alone are enough. Let alone lowered productivity output and quality. All of which can have a significant bearing on the health of your organisation.

Employee absenteeism and retention levels can have an impact on your company’s finances, reputation and can also affect other members of staff. In addition to this, if you’re losing critical staff members, other people could potentially be looking to move too.

So what can companies do to keep employee retention levels high? At Business Cover Expert, we’ve put together a guide that might help you hire and retain loyal staff and avoid employee absenteeism.

1) Encourage a healthy environment

Often, employers aren’t aware of the health risks of their employees leading a sedentary or unhealthy lifestyle. However, in order to have a healthy company, the work force needs to be healthy too. When a company promotes exercise and well-being, it can motivate staff and, in turn, increase productivity.

Keep the office properly ventilated, well-lit and at comfortable temperatures to keep staff happy.  In addition to this, offer free healthy snacks, cycle or walk to work schemes or gym memberships. You can also encourage staff to take holidays to prevent stress, create company sports teams or offer free health checks every year. Encouraging staff members to be healthy demonstrates you’re showing an interest in their happiness and helps lead to a more productive, and present, team.

2) Track and monitor employee absenteeism

Establishing the correct processes for employee absences can help you to monitor and track what is happening. Patterns might start to appear which can help employers to understand any underlying issues that might be going on. This can include low morale, ineffective management or an overworked employee due to lack of resources. Through a better understanding of the absences and a clear policy, improved employee attendance can be achieved.

3) Training and development

It’s important to encourage employees to continue to grow and develop. Establish a training programme and promote regular reviews to keep track of employee progress and development. You can also encourage outside seminars and training courses. This encourages staff to add to their skill set whilst also getting some time out of the office from time to time which can stimulate loyalty. Create a mentoring programme and conduct quarterly reviews to keep employees motivated throughout the year. It makes employees feel like they’re listened to and helps to set achievable goals which are important in keeping employees on board.

4) Offer employee benefits

Providing a competitive benefits and salary package can help to encourage the right employees to your business. In addition to this, it can keep employees loyal for longer. A competitive benefits package can include life insurance, health insurance and a quality pension scheme. It can also cover gym memberships and flexi time options too.

Employees often regard death in service, critical illness cover and private medical insurance as the top tier benefits. What’s more, offering relevant life cover can be tax-efficient for companies as you don’t pay national insurance or income tax on it. In addition to this, it provides peace of mind for employees as well as being an added incentive to stay loyal to the company. If you’re interested in finding out about relevant life cover for your employees, get a free quote today. 

5) Communicating employee benefits clearly

It’s not enough just to offer perks to employees, they need to be actively aware and encouraged to take these onto help avoid employee absenteeism. Send around emails, put notices on the company intranet or posters around the office to make these offers clear to employees.

It’s also important to clearly outline benefits on job descriptions and adverts to encourage the right type of employee in the first place. This will help to retain and attract quality staff members. Through active encouragement and constant communication of benefits, morale can be improved and absenteeism can be reduced.

Overall, your employees are your best asset to the company. Keeping them on board and reducing absenteeism can help to increase productivity and to avoid the cost of replacements. Follow our tips or ask your employees for the benefits they would like to see!