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Shareholder Protection: How to protect your business when losing a shareholder

When you’re a shareholder, you’ll want to protect your business against unexpected events to keep it running successfully. Most shareholders will put agreements in place to set out basic rules when they set up or join the business. This agreement covers lots of key issues to help protect the business and each individual shareholder. The […]

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Aegon Business Life Insurance

About Aegon Aegon is an international business life insurance provider, that has been running since 1831. With over 30 million customers in over 20 countries, Aegon sets itself up as a global savings and investment provider. Aegon Business Life Insurance is one of the most comprehensive product ranges around in the UK. Aegon was founded […]

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Life Insurance Jargon Explained

Insurance Jargon Buster by Business Cover Expert Are you getting confused with certain terms when talking about your business life insurance? At Business Cover Expert, we help to explain insurance jargon and common insurance terms so that you can find the right sort of cover for you. Check out our glossary below and brush up […]

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Business Life Insurance – FAQs

What services do you offer? We help owners, directors, partners, shareholders and senior executives find the right business life insurance for them. Whether you’re looking for Key Man Insurance, Relevant Life Policy, Shareholder or Partnership Protection, we’ll take into account your needs and find the best product that suits you. What kind of cover do […]

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