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How to deal with workplace stress 

Dealing with stress in the workplace Dealing with stress in the workplace can often be a difficult subject to address. Often managers can be unaware of the issue and not know how to deal with it. If they are not informed about the best way to deal with workplace stress, it can cause lasting effects […]

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Life Insurance Jargon Explained

Insurance Jargon Buster by Business Cover Expert Are you getting confused with certain terms when talking about your business life insurance? At Business Cover Expert, we help to explain insurance jargon and common insurance terms so that you can find the right sort of cover for you. Check out our glossary below and brush up […]

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Business Life Insurance – FAQs

What services do you offer? We help owners, directors, partners, shareholders and senior executives find the right business life insurance for them. Whether you’re looking for Key Man Insurance, Relevant Life Policy, Shareholder or Partnership Protection, we’ll take into account your needs and find the best product that suits you. What kind of cover do […]

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5 Top Tips to Avoid Employee Absenteeism

It’s no secret that employee absenteeism can hurt a business. The cost of wages, temporary replacements, HR and admin alone are enough. Let alone lowered productivity output and quality. All of which can have a significant bearing on the health of your organisation. Employee absenteeism and retention levels can have an impact on your company’s […]

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How To Keep Your Employees Happy

Savvy employers know that while money always matters, paying a competitive salary is only one way to keep employees happy and retain their loyalty and commitment to the business. So, if it’s not all about the money, what else can you do to keep your employees happy? Here are five ways to ensure company motivation […]

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What is the difference between Shareholder Protection and Partnership Protection?

If you run a company, you may have heard the phrase shareholder protection thrown around and wondered exactly what it means. You might also be wondering what partnership protection is. Well, they are in fact the same thing – an invaluable kind of business life insurance that offers your business protection in times of uncertainty. What […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Key Man Insurance

Key Man Insurance Most aspects of life can be unpredictable, and unfortunately the world of work is no exception. That’s why companies need a business contingency plan, which has carefully planned procedures to help mitigate the negative consequences of unavoidable events that will threaten normal operations. Key man insurance should be part of your contingency plan […]

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